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Hello March, Good bye February! 

 If you were here before I deleted everything you probably remember my monthly updates. After a while that was all I really shared. 😭 I’ve decided to switch up a little and each month share my favorite picture from the month! And share both what happened in the previous month and plans for the next 😘

    This month started off really stressful, but actually ended up being a really successful month. I minimised 3 whole rooms this month: my bedroom, one of our spare rooms, and the bathroom! It feels really great to have that done. A few days ago our friends, a couple, came to stay with us for a few days before they move to New York. It is really nice to have this time with them, and we will miss them! The girl I am friends with actually went to school with my husband, and basic training! Small world, right?

  Well, my friends are abondioning me monday.  😣 allison has her 18 month check up this month. my sisters birthdays are this month, a day apart! I am also hoping to finish my very first layer of minimising, and deep clean the house! Catch up on my letters too!