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What are swagbucks and how do you get them

   As a stay at home mom I’m all about the side hustles! Oh, and by “all about” I really mean looking at Pinterest but not actually doing said side hustle. One that always caught my eye was surveys. I’m fairly new to this, but one thing I’ve learned is that most survey sites suck. I’m always getting disqualified from surveys even on Swagbucks (still my favorite though!). With Swagbucks you earn gift cards using your Swagbucks (or SBs) as low as $5 at places like Starbucks, Walmart, Target, Amazon. 

    Now let’s talk about making the most of this app! 

***1 Sb= 1 cent***

1. Daily poll

Everyday Swagbucks has a poll where you can earn 1 swagbucks, honestly, it’s not much but its fast and easy!

2. Get points for being disqualified

As stated before it is common to be disqualified from survey, however, many swagbuck surveys give you one SB if you are disqualified! The surveys with a purple circle with a white eqlmation mark inside of them are the surveys that you will not recieve 1 SB for if disqualified. There are a certian amount of disqualification SBs before you max out for the day, so make sure you reach your max every day! And when you are not disqualified you obviously earn much more SB, so it is a win win!

3. Multitask/Watch Videos

For every 6 videos (each video varies from 1 min-3) you receive 2 SBs. There are different categories to choose from like movie trailers, fashion, and recipes! I watch the videos while I do other things. I sometimes watch them while I do puzzles with my daughter in the morning. A few days ago I cleaned out my fridge while having the videos play and earnes what felt like a lot of SB to me!

4. Shopping online 

 I almost forgot this one because I do not shop online. But if you do shop online this is great news! So many stores offer SB for your purchases. Example: Walmart offers up 3sbs for each dollar!
Thank you for reading!  If you have a survey app that you enjoy comment below, I will use your referral too if you have one!




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