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20 Facts About Me

1. I like doing laundry. I do. Im weird. I admit it.  I wake up and i look forward to hopefully having enough to do a load of laundry. Im not quite a fan of putting away laundry, though.

2. I am usually really happy or really upset. I dont have to much of a gray area. I hate my really upset times but when im happy I’m really happy

3. I enjoy writing letters in my free time. A lot of people dont understand it, but I love it! Ive made some really good friends penpaling

4. I hate small talk. I hate the awkward phase between friends to becoming real friends. I  hate it.

5. Im not too confident in my writing skills. I know there is a lot of work I need to do! I hate when I’m reading something I wrote on here and want to fix it but dont know how.

6. I like inspirational talks, quotes, posters of cats all that jazz

7. I am terrible at finishing books. I will get really far the first two days and just stop

8. I love making lists! Maybe thats why I have made this same, “20 facts about me” (  with different facts of courselists a few different occasions on my Instagram already. 

9. I talk to my mom almost everyday. Except for weekends. My mom hates talking on the phone around other people so she usually calls on her way to work

10. I get high from some quality me time. Like right now its 2:34 am and I can not sleep. I have cleaned, had quality husband time, started blogging and now i can not sleep. The great thing is I always wake up happy after nights like tonight

11. I dont draw as much as Id like. I miss art class so much! 

12. I have a few side hustles i day dream about but never have started! Right now the day dream is giving furniture makeovers and selling them. 

13. I am seriously considering using a chat/dating (i cant think of sites that are just for talking) website to find girls to do things like volunteer and workout with. I am in desprite need of an accountability partner 

14. Carmellos and vitiman water are two of my favorite things. In high school it was Cool Ranch Doritos 

15. I comment on peoples posts often. Sometimes people I am mot close with. I always worry about annoying people. I think its better to show someone you care and risk it!

16. I usually check my memories on Facebook shorty after midnight

17. I like tv shows waaay more than movies

18. My madien name is Brown

19. I didnt know my first cat that i had when I was like 11 died until I was 18! I seriously bought the he ran away story. I was a hurt 18 year old!

20. Also, 11, is the same age I found out I had a big brother!



21. army wife. momma

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