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How I minimise without making a mess!

   I started my minimising journey almost a month ago, and my biggest frustraion has been the mess I make in the process. My husband would come home, and I would explain cheerfully, “I know it looks bad, but it’s an orginized mess!”. And to some extenet it was. But the different piles would become bigger and bigger, and i ran out of room. 

       On top of all that, I always over estimated just how much I could get done at one time! I would start my minimising while Allison sleeps, and when she woke up the room was even messier than she left it. And when she woke up I couldnt give the room the attention it needed. Andddd when she finally went to sleep for the night I was too exhausted to give the current minimising project the attention it deserved. 

         My solution: A laundry hamper, trash can, and a trash bag.

The laundry hamper is used as my keep pile! But you can also use a storage bin, or box.

The trash can well for trash, obviously.

And a trash bag for my no longer needed items!

 Allison still trys to make a mess of this and take things out from each of these, but this way is much more controled. This way I can leave the project when I need to and come back to it when I want to!

    Maybe this is common knowledge in the minimalism world. And maybe it took me way too long to discover a method like this, but I hope it helps someone!

Thank you for reading! -V

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