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Why I struggled with blogging for so long

    I have missed blogging so much, but it just never felt right.  Altogether I just didn’t like my blog. With each time I posted I knew I would be gone for several weeks or months. I didn’t like the posts I was producing. I didnt even know why I was here anymore, even though i desperately wanted to be here.

   So thought long and hard what keeps me from blogging. It’s pretty simple. I have always been a person who needs orginazation to function. I have always been this way. In high school my grades depended on my organization. I am a person who strives on planners and lists. 

    I went to one of my favorite blogs and noticed that I really liked the categories feature. I came here (WordPress), and low and behold there ARE cateogories. It’s like a playlist for your blog, and I love it. 

   So far the categories I plan to have included: Blog keeping, monthly updates, All about me, volunteering (something i keep saying i will do but haven’t), and possibly a throwback/story catoegorie. I hope this helps me. I hope I dont have to delete my posts all over again. But if I do it will be okay.

Thank you for reading

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