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My secound about me


    Hello, again! After struggling for so long with the whole blog thing I decided to start all over again ,and delete everything (to read why go here). With that being said I find About Mes to be very important, and since I deleted mine I am redoing it now!

  My name is Veronica, and this is my story.  I started dating my husband the summer before my senior year of high school. In April of my senior year he left for basic. Married him 6 months after graduating high school! 2 weeks later found out we were expecting! Then left my hometown and moved from Illinois to North Carolina with him! 

    I am now 21. Still living in North Carolina, and now a stay at home mom to our beautiful daughter Allison. His mother and sister moved in with us in April 16! Allison loves all the extra attention. 

 I am not sure this really holds any relvance to my blog, but it helps to get to know me better! I enjoy spending time with my family. Naps. Writing letters. Reciving letters. Texting my best friend Dani. Mom Giving sentimantail gifts. Drawing. Painting. Food. Shameless. Orange is the nee black. Friends. Gilmore girls. Smoothies. COFFEE. miss spelling words (seriously, i do this a lot. I appreciate being corrected). Day dreaming. Deep conversations. Spoken word poetry. Lame inpirational quotes. Motivational talks. Giving all my friend lame pep talks, because I-am-that-person, and I own it.

 To talk about myself, because Im a narssacist. But seriously i do like reflect on my life and tell stories! I love the life I have now and want to remember every moment of it. My life is not always perfect, and I dont always love it. In those moments I hope to still share those moments and help people whp are in simular situations know that they are not alone!

  I want to better myself and the world, and inspire others to do the same. 



21. army wife. momma

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