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What are swagbucks and how do you get them

   As a stay at home mom I’m all about the side hustles! Oh, and by “all about” I really mean looking at Pinterest but not actually doing said side hustle. One that always caught my eye was surveys. I’m fairly new to this, but one thing I’ve learned is that most survey sites suck. I’m always getting disqualified from surveys even on Swagbucks (still my favorite though!). With Swagbucks you earn gift cards using your Swagbucks (or SBs) as low as $5 at places like Starbucks, Walmart, Target, Amazon. 

    Now let’s talk about making the most of this app! 

***1 Sb= 1 cent***

1. Daily poll

Everyday Swagbucks has a poll where you can earn 1 swagbucks, honestly, it’s not much but its fast and easy!

2. Get points for being disqualified

As stated before it is common to be disqualified from survey, however, many swagbuck surveys give you one SB if you are disqualified! The surveys with a purple circle with a white eqlmation mark inside of them are the surveys that you will not recieve 1 SB for if disqualified. There are a certian amount of disqualification SBs before you max out for the day, so make sure you reach your max every day! And when you are not disqualified you obviously earn much more SB, so it is a win win!

3. Multitask/Watch Videos

For every 6 videos (each video varies from 1 min-3) you receive 2 SBs. There are different categories to choose from like movie trailers, fashion, and recipes! I watch the videos while I do other things. I sometimes watch them while I do puzzles with my daughter in the morning. A few days ago I cleaned out my fridge while having the videos play and earnes what felt like a lot of SB to me!

4. Shopping online 

 I almost forgot this one because I do not shop online. But if you do shop online this is great news! So many stores offer SB for your purchases. Example: Walmart offers up 3sbs for each dollar!
Thank you for reading!  If you have a survey app that you enjoy comment below, I will use your referral too if you have one!


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20 Facts About Me

1. I like doing laundry. I do. Im weird. I admit it.  I wake up and i look forward to hopefully having enough to do a load of laundry. Im not quite a fan of putting away laundry, though.

2. I am usually really happy or really upset. I dont have to much of a gray area. I hate my really upset times but when im happy I’m really happy

3. I enjoy writing letters in my free time. A lot of people dont understand it, but I love it! Ive made some really good friends penpaling

4. I hate small talk. I hate the awkward phase between friends to becoming real friends. I  hate it.

5. Im not too confident in my writing skills. I know there is a lot of work I need to do! I hate when I’m reading something I wrote on here and want to fix it but dont know how.

6. I like inspirational talks, quotes, posters of cats all that jazz

7. I am terrible at finishing books. I will get really far the first two days and just stop

8. I love making lists! Maybe thats why I have made this same, “20 facts about me” (  with different facts of courselists a few different occasions on my Instagram already. 

9. I talk to my mom almost everyday. Except for weekends. My mom hates talking on the phone around other people so she usually calls on her way to work

10. I get high from some quality me time. Like right now its 2:34 am and I can not sleep. I have cleaned, had quality husband time, started blogging and now i can not sleep. The great thing is I always wake up happy after nights like tonight

11. I dont draw as much as Id like. I miss art class so much! 

12. I have a few side hustles i day dream about but never have started! Right now the day dream is giving furniture makeovers and selling them. 

13. I am seriously considering using a chat/dating (i cant think of sites that are just for talking) website to find girls to do things like volunteer and workout with. I am in desprite need of an accountability partner 

14. Carmellos and vitiman water are two of my favorite things. In high school it was Cool Ranch Doritos 

15. I comment on peoples posts often. Sometimes people I am mot close with. I always worry about annoying people. I think its better to show someone you care and risk it!

16. I usually check my memories on Facebook shorty after midnight

17. I like tv shows waaay more than movies

18. My madien name is Brown

19. I didnt know my first cat that i had when I was like 11 died until I was 18! I seriously bought the he ran away story. I was a hurt 18 year old!

20. Also, 11, is the same age I found out I had a big brother!

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5 ways to minimise your wardrobe and laundry!

  1. Go through your dressers and closets and decided what goes and what stays! For instances, do you really need pj shirts when a t shirt or tank top does the job?  Helpful tip: Take it one drawer at a time! 
  2. Consider a capsule wardrobe! I’m not there yet, but it’s something to think about! Click >here< watch my favorite capsule wardrobe I’ve seen so far!
  3. Minimise as you put away clothes,too! A few days ago I wore a blouse that I really didnt like on me. When I got home I put it in my go bag!
  4. Getcha self one of these bad boys! 
  5. Do laundry as frequently as possible! Everyday I try to do a little bit if I can!

     Thank you for reading! -V

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    How I minimise without making a mess!

       I started my minimising journey almost a month ago, and my biggest frustraion has been the mess I make in the process. My husband would come home, and I would explain cheerfully, “I know it looks bad, but it’s an orginized mess!”. And to some extenet it was. But the different piles would become bigger and bigger, and i ran out of room. 

           On top of all that, I always over estimated just how much I could get done at one time! I would start my minimising while Allison sleeps, and when she woke up the room was even messier than she left it. And when she woke up I couldnt give the room the attention it needed. Andddd when she finally went to sleep for the night I was too exhausted to give the current minimising project the attention it deserved. 

             My solution: A laundry hamper, trash can, and a trash bag.

    The laundry hamper is used as my keep pile! But you can also use a storage bin, or box.

    The trash can well for trash, obviously.

    And a trash bag for my no longer needed items!

     Allison still trys to make a mess of this and take things out from each of these, but this way is much more controled. This way I can leave the project when I need to and come back to it when I want to!

        Maybe this is common knowledge in the minimalism world. And maybe it took me way too long to discover a method like this, but I hope it helps someone!

    Thank you for reading! -V

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    My secound about me


        Hello, again! After struggling for so long with the whole blog thing I decided to start all over again ,and delete everything (to read why go here). With that being said I find About Mes to be very important, and since I deleted mine I am redoing it now!

      My name is Veronica, and this is my story.  I started dating my husband the summer before my senior year of high school. In April of my senior year he left for basic. Married him 6 months after graduating high school! 2 weeks later found out we were expecting! Then left my hometown and moved from Illinois to North Carolina with him! 

        I am now 21. Still living in North Carolina, and now a stay at home mom to our beautiful daughter Allison. His mother and sister moved in with us in April 16! Allison loves all the extra attention. 

     I am not sure this really holds any relvance to my blog, but it helps to get to know me better! I enjoy spending time with my family. Naps. Writing letters. Reciving letters. Texting my best friend Dani. Mom Giving sentimantail gifts. Drawing. Painting. Food. Shameless. Orange is the nee black. Friends. Gilmore girls. Smoothies. COFFEE. miss spelling words (seriously, i do this a lot. I appreciate being corrected). Day dreaming. Deep conversations. Spoken word poetry. Lame inpirational quotes. Motivational talks. Giving all my friend lame pep talks, because I-am-that-person, and I own it.

     To talk about myself, because Im a narssacist. But seriously i do like reflect on my life and tell stories! I love the life I have now and want to remember every moment of it. My life is not always perfect, and I dont always love it. In those moments I hope to still share those moments and help people whp are in simular situations know that they are not alone!

      I want to better myself and the world, and inspire others to do the same. 

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    Why I struggled with blogging for so long

        I have missed blogging so much, but it just never felt right.  Altogether I just didn’t like my blog. With each time I posted I knew I would be gone for several weeks or months. I didn’t like the posts I was producing. I didnt even know why I was here anymore, even though i desperately wanted to be here.

       So thought long and hard what keeps me from blogging. It’s pretty simple. I have always been a person who needs orginazation to function. I have always been this way. In high school my grades depended on my organization. I am a person who strives on planners and lists. 

        I went to one of my favorite blogs and noticed that I really liked the categories feature. I came here (WordPress), and low and behold there ARE cateogories. It’s like a playlist for your blog, and I love it. 

       So far the categories I plan to have included: Blog keeping, monthly updates, All about me, volunteering (something i keep saying i will do but haven’t), and possibly a throwback/story catoegorie. I hope this helps me. I hope I dont have to delete my posts all over again. But if I do it will be okay.

    Thank you for reading

    Up next: My secound about me